Can you drill a hole bigger than 1/4″ with a Dremel? Short answer: NO

At least, not in one single go.

I’ve been looking the web up and down for a 1/4″ chuck or 1/4″ drill bits that could fit the Dremel, and apparently there are a couple of models that advertise to work with it, such as this one:

This 1/4″ chuck is advertised to be compatible with Dremel. The brand name was covered since I don’t want to publicly criticize this specific product/vendor, but you can find plenty of them on online shops.

I had a little of skepticism as nobody seems to be using those.
I did the only logical(?) thing and bought one to test it out.

I hope I don’t have to buy into every scam to prove it’s a scam.

And, well, guess what, it can’t fit the Dremel, the threading is too big.
But at least I could write a blog post about it so you don’t have to buy it and test it yourself.
As far as my research goes, the biggest drill bit you can use with a Dremel is the “Brad point drill bit” (you can find more info on the official Dremel page) which goes up to 1/4″, but that’s it. In this case I was going to drill a hole for a 1/4″ audio jack, which needs to be slightly bigger than the jack itself (about 3/8″) so I guess I’ll have to use another drill.